Be Kind


 Always be kind Is theme in Front Desk.


MIA was walking to the library to get away from Jason but he she saw Jason getting bullied by these boys and they call Chinese girl boy and he didn’t like it so humid and all the people or just surrounding him to make him scared I think anime I came over and said stop.                                                                                                                                                                                   On Halloween Mia and her friend went trick-or-treating and they got in an argument and I went and then said I need  to go home now and then wanted to And then the next day at school they didn’t talk to each other as much because Mia wrote her a note at school that said sorry I think I went too far.  I’m sorry I said all those things about you. 

When have you been kind?


My Avatar


This is my Avatar. I have golden sunglasses because I like sunglasses. My Avatar has brown hair and awkward eyes. I am from the USA. My favorite thing to do is to play soccer. I am very good and I play both forward and defense. I have blue eyes and I am a boy.

Do you have golden glasses?