My Ten Year Old Life


                                                                    May 13, 2020

Dear Future Self,

Hello Future Self. it is me Ben. How are you? Are you healthy? We are stuck in quarantine/ Covid-19/ Coronavirus. During quarantine you have to wear masks and gloves just if you want. I am feeling good because I don’t go anywhere.

I am very good at soccer and I like soccer because it’s really fun. I have really good footwork. Do you still like to play soccer? Do you like basketball, soccer, football or baseball? I’m also good at building forts and climbing trees. I like climbing trees because it is really easy to get on the branches. I like to do pull-ups on branches. I like making forts because when I was 10 I made a tree fort by putting plywood in a tree and now I have a rope swing off there and a balance beam.  I used to have a bed in there that I made with two platforms and it had three floors.  I like that I made it with my friend Riker. Do you remember our tree fort? I hope that you remember it. I think that you should improve it. 

Some things that are important to me right now are my family, my dog and my friends.
Why my family is important to me is because family is always important. My dog is important to me because we’ve had her since she was a baby.
My friends are Cole, Bryson, Jaxson, Korbin and lots more people at my school. My friend Riker is a good friend who I play with everyday.

One goal that I have right now is to improve my tree fort. Another goal is to try to climb onto my roof without a ladder. The last goal I have to tell you about is that I’m trying to ride my bike around the neighborhood without getting tired even up the really hard hills. What are some of your goals?

Something I recommend is that you are nice to your friends and you aren’t bullying anybody because I don’t want you to grow up as a bully. Another piece of advice that I have is that you will want to have a lot of friends so if somebody is being mean to you they can have your back.

I hope the next 60 years are good!

   Ben at 10 years old     



My Trip to Pike Place


At the magic store I was going to buy some handcuffs but they were like $14 and it was just really really expensive.  I have $80 but I want to spend it on something else like maybe a bacon donut. But anyway, I was going to buy invisible ink and an exploding golf ball so I could prank my dad. When I brought them home it worked really well.   At the magic store there was a strength test and I got the strength of a bodybuilder. I wanted to do the fortune teller. There was one boy, one girl and a grandma. I did the grandma fortune teller and it was creepy because she started rubbing the fortune ball in the machine at the store .

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How to make an Emoji Story



I hope you enjoy my emoji story. The first thing I did was write my story about small dogs in Google Docs. Then I copied and pasted it into an emoji translator. I used It was pretty easy to use. All you have to do is write a story, copy and paste it into the translator. Then you hit translate and  “Wowzza, you have a fun emoji story! I revised my story by putting in different words so more emojis would come up in the story.  Try and figure out my emoji story first and then you can read my real paragraph to see if you got all the words right.

Amazing Dogs
If I could have any dog I would have a small dog. Small dogs are magnificent looking. Also you can play fetch with them. You can play tug a war if your dog brings you a rope. If I could have any dog it would be a small dog. I would have a small dog because they are amazing. Small dogs love to eat treats. Also small dogs like to go on walks. My dog loves to go for rides in the car. Small dogs are easy to pick up and move around. I like to sleep with my small dog. My dog loves to cuddle with me. My dog likes to play with me in the backyard. It is much less work to pick up a small dog’s poop than a large dog’s poop.

Breaks at Marshall Elementary School


In this blog I am going to tell about what we do on our breaks at my school. We get two recesses and lunch. I put a survey out to my class to get information about what they like to do on breaks. These are the questions from my class:
1. What do you like to play at recess?
2. Do you like indoor recess?
3. Do you bring lunch from home or buying school lunch?

I found out that people like to play Four Square more than basketball, soccer or other. I also found out that they like to bring lunch instead of buying lunch at school. People bring healthy food from their homes like carrots, celery and sandwiches. You can buy food like hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, salads and sloppy joes. The most popular is pizza. People like outdoor recess more than indoor recess. Indoor recess is when we have to stay inside because it is rainy, windy, and snowy outside or if there is an emergency like a train wreck close to our school.

At recess people like to play basketball, soccer, four square, kickball, tag, run the track and just walk around. This is also the time you would use the bathroom. Four Square is the most popular game to play for the third, fourth and fifth graders at recess. The first image shows the Four Square court. The second image is of how we play Four Square.  The third image is the rules of the game.



This is what my school does for breaks. What does your school do for breaks?