How to make an Emoji Story


I hope you enjoy my emoji story. The first thing I did was write my story about small dogs in Google Docs. Then I copied and pasted it into an emoji translator. I used It was pretty easy to use. All you have to do is write a story, copy and paste it into the translator. Then you hit translate and  “Wowzza, you have a fun emoji story! I revised my story by putting in different words so more emojis would come up in the story.  Try and figure out my emoji story first and then you can read my real paragraph to see if you got all the words right.

Amazing Dogs
If I could have any dog I would have a small dog. Small dogs are magnificent looking. Also you can play fetch with them. You can play tug a war if your dog brings you a rope. If I could have any dog it would be a small dog. I would have a small dog because they are amazing. Small dogs love to eat treats. Also small dogs like to go on walks. My dog loves to go for rides in the car. Small dogs are easy to pick up and move around. I like to sleep with my small dog. My dog loves to cuddle with me. My dog likes to play with me in the backyard. It is much less work to pick up a small dog’s poop than a large dog’s poop.

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