The Lime Kiln Hike of Terror


Have you ever got hurt on a hike? I did! I went on the Lime Kiln hike with my family. I had a really good time until something really bad happened. Before I tell you that let me tell you about some history. The history behind the Lime Kiln hike is that they used to get limestone and cook it in a big stone kiln for the pulp mills in Everett, WA. They used trains to ship the lime to the mills. 

We hiked over three miles to the river. It was very cool to see all the dead trees hanging over us because they all were just hanging over our heads like a mystical forest. I saw mushrooms, mosquitoes and other bugs. I threw a rock at one of the trees covered in moss and it absorbed my rock cuz there was so much moss. I think that that was really cool cuz I didn’t know it was going to absorb my rock. 

We got to the river and we explored a little bit.  Then we started walking back to the trailhead and that’s when it happened … We were about half a mile in when I fell on my knee and it started to bleed. We only thought it was dirt. We soon noticed it was a lot more then just a cut and dirt. But we soon noticed that there was a rock stuck in my knee. It wasn’t just like a pebble it was a big rock. And my aunt had to pull it out of my knee. She heard it suction from the inside of my knee cap. We still had to hike 3.5 mile to the car. My knee was hurting a lot but I was strong and kept hiking. I still had a blast on the way back exploring the trails.

 The Lime Kiln Trail is one I recommend just don’t fall in the mud!






My Life As A Dog!


Hi I am Emma the dog!  I live with Jodie, Darin, Max and Ben. I live really close to the woods and I love my backyard. I live in a really big house with my family.

 I am an English Springer Spaniel and I am kind of fluffy. Normally I have a really nice haircut and I don’t smell bad. The quarantine has made me smell because I don’t get to go to the groomer. And I’m always itchy and always licking my feet. My mom always tries to give me a bath but I don’t want a bath so I run away.

I don’t know why my family’s here so much more. I really like that they’re home more. I love that my boy is always here and I get  to sit under the table while he does his homework.. My dad is always tapping on a box- I think they called it a computer.

Sometimes when people don’t let me in a room I just open the door. My family says it’s my new trick. Iget treats for doing lots of other good tricks. I can sit, lay down, roll over, whisper, bark, shake and high five! My humans give me lots of treats and pats when I do those things. Sometimes I want treats for doing nothing.

One of my favorite things to do is go on walks with my humans. I also like to go play at the park. My dad lets me off my leash and I get to run around. He gets upset if I go into the woods because once when I did that I got hurt. I like to chase the birds, squirrels and bunnies in my yard. I almost caught a hummingbird the other day. My mom said “Emma No!”- she was upset.

I love to play with other dogs. Do you have an English Springer Spaniel? Do they want to have a playdate with me?