Emma’s First Car Ride

    When I first got my dog it was a very exciting day it was New Year’s Eve. We had at least a couple inches of snow. We were driving up the driveway to her farm. They had alpacas and llamas and goats In the field. We got out of our car and we first saw the mom dog. When she first greeted us she barked a lot. We walked into the barn to get our new puppy. It was time for her last vaccination and deworming medicine.. It was finally time to take our puppy home. My brother asked “Can I hold the dog while we drive home?”  My mom said “yes”. We were so excited to have our puppy all to ourselves but all of a sudden something happened…. From the back of the car we could hear my brother yelling “EEWWWW!” We saw that the puppy puked all over my brother on his shoulder and shirt. My brother Max was really miserable because he had to drive with it on his shirt. I bet he felt like a garbage. It looked terrible and very miserable and it smelled horrible. Has anything that disgusting ever happened to you?



4 thoughts on “Emma’s First Car Ride

  1. Wow Ben! I don’t think anything that bad has ever happened to me! That was a really good story! I felt like I was there with you!

  2. I just love reading your stories! I feel like I am right there! Of course I am glad I wasn’t there for the dog puke! I used to have a dog and have experienced this gross happening.
    Mrs. Ternes

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