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The average head of hair has 120,000 hairs while a curly head of hair only has 100,000 hairs. Never giving up is the powerful theme in the animated short Hair Love. Zery is excited to go pick up her mom from the hospital. She wants to look good but can’t do her hair. Her Dad helps her do her hair after some hard work.. She looked beautiful in the end.

Early in the animated short Hair Love, the theme was Never giving up. Zery was happy when she woke up because she was excited for a special occasion. She started to try to do her own hair but she failed miserably. This didn’t stop Zery. She went to get her dad to help.

At the middle of Hair Love, the theme was still to Never give up. Zery and her dad were trying to fix her hair but it wasn’t working.Boom! Kapow! Snap! Zery’s hair fought back like a Red-Butt Monkey.He wanted to give up and put a hat on her. Zery inspires her Dad to try again by showing him the video of her mom doing Zery’s hair.


At the end of  the animated short Hair Love, the theme does not stop being Never giving up. Zery doesn’t give up on her Dad and he is inspired by her perseverance. Zery’s mom was fighting cancer. She has no hair. She never gave up and beat cancer. Zery and her Dad also believed that the mom can persevere over her cancer.

The world’s biggest head of hair measures an incredible four-and-a-half feet around. That would be hard to handle. To wrap up my essay about the animated short Hair Love the theme is to Never GIve Up. Have you ever preserved through something hard? Zery showed perseverance when it mattered. 

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