Man’s Best Friend


The best therapy dogs for anxiety are the Boxer, the Great Dane, the Cocker Spaniel and the Bermese Mountain dog. Dogs are superior to cats because they more loving, smarter and more trainable. Many people think that cats are better than dogs but I have come to believe that dogs are the best pets. Dogs can make a person feel better in lots of ways.

The first reason dogs are superior to cats is they are more loving. People get really attached to their dogs just as much as they do to their families. Dogs show unconditional love. Some might say that cats are more loving because because they curl up on your lap and sleep but I think that is wrong. Emory University did a study with MRIs that showed that dogs brains light up when they smell their owner. Dogs are always grateful to see you not like cats that only care about eating. Cat aren’t as loving because they scratch and bite when they don’t want to be touched.

The second reason dogs are superior to cats is they are smarter. Critics argue that cats are smarter than dogs because they don’t find enjoyment in doing tricks. Dogs are so smart that they can save lives by sensing danger.  It has been proven scientifically that dogs have bigger brains than cats. Dogs also do not need cat boxes and can be trained to go to the bathroom outside. They are also smarter than cats because they can alert you to strangers coming to your house.

The third reason dogs are superior to cats is they are more trainable. While it may be true that cats are more observant than dogs overall dogs are more trainable because they like to please humans. Unlike cats, dogs can be taught to fetch a ball or stick.  Dogs can also be service animals. They can also be trained to sniff out illnesses, bombs, drugs and diseases. Dogs help you stay in shape because you can teach them to walk on a leash. Most cats won’t walk on a leash.

Scientist have proven that dogs are more loving, smarter and more trainable than cats. Dogs can help children to grow up more secure and active. This makes me think that cats are unintelligent because dogs can do a lot more. Not to mention I think dogs are stronger and faster. Do you think dogs are better than cats?

You Rock!


Watch the movie!

The average head of hair has 120,000 hairs while a curly head of hair only has 100,000 hairs. Never giving up is the powerful theme in the animated short Hair Love. Zery is excited to go pick up her mom from the hospital. She wants to look good but can’t do her hair. Her Dad helps her do her hair after some hard work.. She looked beautiful in the end.

Early in the animated short Hair Love, the theme was Never giving up. Zery was happy when she woke up because she was excited for a special occasion. She started to try to do her own hair but she failed miserably. This didn’t stop Zery. She went to get her dad to help.

At the middle of Hair Love, the theme was still to Never give up. Zery and her dad were trying to fix her hair but it wasn’t working.Boom! Kapow! Snap! Zery’s hair fought back like a Red-Butt Monkey.He wanted to give up and put a hat on her. Zery inspires her Dad to try again by showing him the video of her mom doing Zery’s hair.


At the end of  the animated short Hair Love, the theme does not stop being Never giving up. Zery doesn’t give up on her Dad and he is inspired by her perseverance. Zery’s mom was fighting cancer. She has no hair. She never gave up and beat cancer. Zery and her Dad also believed that the mom can persevere over her cancer.

The world’s biggest head of hair measures an incredible four-and-a-half feet around. That would be hard to handle. To wrap up my essay about the animated short Hair Love the theme is to Never GIve Up. Have you ever preserved through something hard? Zery showed perseverance when it mattered. 

Belly Flop Fire




In the animated short Belly Flop , the character The Girl showed  lots of perseverance.

The highest belly flop in world is 36 15/64 feet and took place in Norway. That would make my stomach bleed.


Early in the animated movie Belly Flop, the character The Girl showed perseverance. The Girl came into the pool confidently and happy. She was with her grandma and dog. When she saw a blonde girl jumping off the lowest diving board she felt like she could dive like her. The blonde girl dove into the pool gracefully and everyone admired her.The Girl tried her best but she belly flopped into the pool.Even though she belly flopped The Girl was still happy as could be.


 The highest belly flop in world is 36 & 15/64 feet high and took place in Norway. In the middle of the animated movie, Belly Flop the character The Girl continued to show perseverance when she went to jump off the middle board even though no one was paying attention. The Girl noticed that people would watched the blonde girl jump but not even The Girl’s grandma watched her jump. The Girl was a little nervous about jumping but still did it. She was scared but overcame her fears.

At the end of the animated movie Belly Flop, the character The Girl showed even more perseverance. The Girl was scared to jump off the highest board. The blonde girl was acting rude about The Girl watching her and she was not friendly. Then the blonde girl caught her hair on fire because her dad was leaking lighter fluid everywhere when he was trying to start his BBQ. The Girl didn’t have a clue what was going on below her. Her perseverance paid off in the end because she put out the fire with her belly flop and all the people cheered for her.


Have you ever belly flopped?



Are You Desperate to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over?


Teaching your dog to Roll Over is an important thing. It will look really cool to your friends and family. This also will teach the dog, cat or ostrich good discipline.

The first step in teaching your dog Roll Over is to find a big area to teach your dog and to have some treats. Your dog needs to know who is boss and that they will get a treat for doing tricks. 

Your dog needs to know how to lay down when you tell them to so they can move into a Roll Over command. When your dog is in the lay down position grab a treat and move your hand to their should making them lay on their side. Try this a couple more times, Then you have to move your treat from your dog’s shoulder to his back. This should cause them to Roll Over.  You should be saying “Roll Over!” each time.

 Remember to keep telling your dog “Good Dog!” (or Good Ostrich!). Praising your pet is a good thing because they won’t do tricks if they don’t think you are happy with them. 

Give it a go! How did it go for you and your pet?

This is Emma!


Roll Over!


Sitting waiting for her treat!

Take your treat!

Good Girl!

Be Respectful of Others on Halloween



It is not good to dress up like a Native Americans for Halloween. In the video My culture is not your costume  by Teen Vogu the people said “My culture is not a costume” because dressing up like them is offensive to them.

 Dressing “red face” like they did in movies makes Native Americans feel like they are not worthy. It makes them feel bad. Painting your face red is offensive because the paint was a way to show respect and how important you were in the tribe. Also Native American skin color is not red. Native Americans paint their faces not for fun but a way to show how important they are in their tribe. 

Their regalias are special and what they wear to celebrate their religion. When people mix up the regalias and other parts of the Native Americans clothes it is disrespectful and makes them feel like they don’t matter. All the different tribes have different ways they believe so mixing up all the ways is not right. Simon Moya-Smith, citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation and journalist says, “The headdress is reserved for our revered elders who, through their selflessness and leadership, have earned the right to wear one. It’s a spiritual garb, not just cultural; it’s not merely an addition to one’s attire. Wearing one, even an imitation headdress, belittles what our elders have spent a lifetime to earn.” 

Some people think Native people are like what they see in cartoons on TV. When people dress up in sexy or mean Indian costumes and you are not native it is not ok. This is not how they acted for real life. This is called cultural appropriation.  Dressing up little kids as Indians is making a game out of Native American culture and race.

I think that the solution to why you should not wear Native American costumes is to talk to people about why this is not ok. It is important to talk to kids about why not to dress up like this. Parents could say the native people were treated bad and that is why we don’t dress up like them because they matter just as much as we do. Being silent about this kind of thing is very bad because it makes people think you are ok with it or just don’t care. Dennis Zotigh, Cultural Specialist, National Museum of the American Indians says, “By practicing cultural politeness. If in doubt, ask the artist or tribe for permission to wear their tribal designs, jewelry and cultural items. You can contact tribes and Native artists on the Internet.” 


Have you ever worn a Native American costume for Halloween? How do you think that made Native Americans feel? 





Video Halloween: Why not to dress up like a Native American.

I am a culture not a costume

Why dressing up like Native Americans is offensive


Video: My culture is not your costume  by Teen Vogu

All About Me


My name is Ben. I am 10 years old and will be11 years old in December. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am kind of tall for my age.
My family is pretty small. I have 5 people in my family. It includes my mom Jodie, dad Darin, brother Max and my dog Emma. My mom and dad are really nice. My brother Max is 19 years old and goes to Washington State University. He is a very good football player and used to play at Getchell with his friends. My dog Emma is the most amazing dog. She use to run away but now she doesn’t.
My school is Marshall Elementary. I like it because we just put in a Gaga Ball Pit. The teachers are amazing because they are very nice to me.
I like to play basketball, soccer, and sometimes baseball. After school I like to play with my friends. We sometimes like to go to my friend’s house and ride bikes on his track in his backyard. I like riding my bike a lot.
Do you like to ride bikes too?

Emma’s First Car Ride


    When I first got my dog it was a very exciting day it was New Year’s Eve. We had at least a couple inches of snow. We were driving up the driveway to her farm. They had alpacas and llamas and goats In the field. We got out of our car and we first saw the mom dog. When she first greeted us she barked a lot. We walked into the barn to get our new puppy. It was time for her last vaccination and deworming medicine.. It was finally time to take our puppy home. My brother asked “Can I hold the dog while we drive home?”  My mom said “yes”. We were so excited to have our puppy all to ourselves but all of a sudden something happened…. From the back of the car we could hear my brother yelling “EEWWWW!” We saw that the puppy puked all over my brother on his shoulder and shirt. My brother Max was really miserable because he had to drive with it on his shirt. I bet he felt like a garbage. It looked terrible and very miserable and it smelled horrible. Has anything that disgusting ever happened to you?



The Lime Kiln Hike of Terror


Have you ever got hurt on a hike? I did! I went on the Lime Kiln hike with my family. I had a really good time until something really bad happened. Before I tell you that let me tell you about some history. The history behind the Lime Kiln hike is that they used to get limestone and cook it in a big stone kiln for the pulp mills in Everett, WA. They used trains to ship the lime to the mills. 

We hiked over three miles to the river. It was very cool to see all the dead trees hanging over us because they all were just hanging over our heads like a mystical forest. I saw mushrooms, mosquitoes and other bugs. I threw a rock at one of the trees covered in moss and it absorbed my rock cuz there was so much moss. I think that that was really cool cuz I didn’t know it was going to absorb my rock. 

We got to the river and we explored a little bit.  Then we started walking back to the trailhead and that’s when it happened … We were about half a mile in when I fell on my knee and it started to bleed. We only thought it was dirt. We soon noticed it was a lot more then just a cut and dirt. But we soon noticed that there was a rock stuck in my knee. It wasn’t just like a pebble it was a big rock. And my aunt had to pull it out of my knee. She heard it suction from the inside of my knee cap. We still had to hike 3.5 mile to the car. My knee was hurting a lot but I was strong and kept hiking. I still had a blast on the way back exploring the trails.

 The Lime Kiln Trail is one I recommend just don’t fall in the mud!






My Life As A Dog!


Hi I am Emma the dog!  I live with Jodie, Darin, Max and Ben. I live really close to the woods and I love my backyard. I live in a really big house with my family.

 I am an English Springer Spaniel and I am kind of fluffy. Normally I have a really nice haircut and I don’t smell bad. The quarantine has made me smell because I don’t get to go to the groomer. And I’m always itchy and always licking my feet. My mom always tries to give me a bath but I don’t want a bath so I run away.

I don’t know why my family’s here so much more. I really like that they’re home more. I love that my boy is always here and I get  to sit under the table while he does his homework.. My dad is always tapping on a box- I think they called it a computer.

Sometimes when people don’t let me in a room I just open the door. My family says it’s my new trick. Iget treats for doing lots of other good tricks. I can sit, lay down, roll over, whisper, bark, shake and high five! My humans give me lots of treats and pats when I do those things. Sometimes I want treats for doing nothing.

One of my favorite things to do is go on walks with my humans. I also like to go play at the park. My dad lets me off my leash and I get to run around. He gets upset if I go into the woods because once when I did that I got hurt. I like to chase the birds, squirrels and bunnies in my yard. I almost caught a hummingbird the other day. My mom said “Emma No!”- she was upset.

I love to play with other dogs. Do you have an English Springer Spaniel? Do they want to have a playdate with me? 

My Ten Year Old Life


                                                                    May 13, 2020

Dear Future Self,

Hello Future Self. it is me Ben. How are you? Are you healthy? We are stuck in quarantine/ Covid-19/ Coronavirus. During quarantine you have to wear masks and gloves just if you want. I am feeling good because I don’t go anywhere.

I am very good at soccer and I like soccer because it’s really fun. I have really good footwork. Do you still like to play soccer? Do you like basketball, soccer, football or baseball? I’m also good at building forts and climbing trees. I like climbing trees because it is really easy to get on the branches. I like to do pull-ups on branches. I like making forts because when I was 10 I made a tree fort by putting plywood in a tree and now I have a rope swing off there and a balance beam.  I used to have a bed in there that I made with two platforms and it had three floors.  I like that I made it with my friend Riker. Do you remember our tree fort? I hope that you remember it. I think that you should improve it. 

Some things that are important to me right now are my family, my dog and my friends.
Why my family is important to me is because family is always important. My dog is important to me because we’ve had her since she was a baby.
My friends are Cole, Bryson, Jaxson, Korbin and lots more people at my school. My friend Riker is a good friend who I play with everyday.

One goal that I have right now is to improve my tree fort. Another goal is to try to climb onto my roof without a ladder. The last goal I have to tell you about is that I’m trying to ride my bike around the neighborhood without getting tired even up the really hard hills. What are some of your goals?

Something I recommend is that you are nice to your friends and you aren’t bullying anybody because I don’t want you to grow up as a bully. Another piece of advice that I have is that you will want to have a lot of friends so if somebody is being mean to you they can have your back.

I hope the next 60 years are good!

   Ben at 10 years old