Are You Desperate to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over?

Teaching your dog to Roll Over is an important thing. It will look really cool to your friends and family. This also will teach the dog, cat or ostrich good discipline.

The first step in teaching your dog Roll Over is to find a big area to teach your dog and to have some treats. Your dog needs to know who is boss and that they will get a treat for doing tricks. 

Your dog needs to know how to lay down when you tell them to so they can move into a Roll Over command. When your dog is in the lay down position grab a treat and move your hand to their should making them lay on their side. Try this a couple more times, Then you have to move your treat from your dog’s shoulder to his back. This should cause them to Roll Over.  You should be saying “Roll Over!” each time.

 Remember to keep telling your dog “Good Dog!” (or Good Ostrich!). Praising your pet is a good thing because they won’t do tricks if they don’t think you are happy with them. 

Give it a go! How did it go for you and your pet?

This is Emma!


Roll Over!


Sitting waiting for her treat!

Take your treat!

Good Girl!

2 thoughts on “Are You Desperate to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over?

  1. Hello Ben! I really liked in your post how you put in a video of how to teach your dog and lots of visuals! Also, I really liked how you mentioned that this will also work if you have a pet ostrich!

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