Man’s Best Friend

The best therapy dogs for anxiety are the Boxer, the Great Dane, the Cocker Spaniel and the Bermese Mountain dog. Dogs are superior to cats because they more loving, smarter and more trainable. Many people think that cats are better than dogs but I have come to believe that dogs are the best pets. Dogs can make a person feel better in lots of ways.

The first reason dogs are superior to cats is they are more loving. People get really attached to their dogs just as much as they do to their families. Dogs show unconditional love. Some might say that cats are more loving because because they curl up on your lap and sleep but I think that is wrong. Emory University did a study with MRIs that showed that dogs brains light up when they smell their owner. Dogs are always grateful to see you not like cats that only care about eating. Cat aren’t as loving because they scratch and bite when they don’t want to be touched.

The second reason dogs are superior to cats is they are smarter. Critics argue that cats are smarter than dogs because they don’t find enjoyment in doing tricks. Dogs are so smart that they can save lives by sensing danger.  It has been proven scientifically that dogs have bigger brains than cats. Dogs also do not need cat boxes and can be trained to go to the bathroom outside. They are also smarter than cats because they can alert you to strangers coming to your house.

The third reason dogs are superior to cats is they are more trainable. While it may be true that cats are more observant than dogs overall dogs are more trainable because they like to please humans. Unlike cats, dogs can be taught to fetch a ball or stick.  Dogs can also be service animals. They can also be trained to sniff out illnesses, bombs, drugs and diseases. Dogs help you stay in shape because you can teach them to walk on a leash. Most cats won’t walk on a leash.

Scientist have proven that dogs are more loving, smarter and more trainable than cats. Dogs can help children to grow up more secure and active. This makes me think that cats are unintelligent because dogs can do a lot more. Not to mention I think dogs are stronger and faster. Do you think dogs are better than cats?

3 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. Hi Ben, I loved your essay and your debate! I agree with all your evidence that dogs are better than cats! Great Job!

  2. Hello Ben! I really liked that you started off your essay with a fun fact. In addition, I agree with you that Dogs are better than cats.

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